What have I learned from hosting over 10,000 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions?

My 5 top tips to help you update your
relationship with yourself

Endless benefits

of adding a coach to your journey.

Self Management

Deepen self-discovery and learn valuable self-management skills, structures & systems.


Create trust and strength in your relationship with yourself through renewed self-awareness and better balance in your world.

Personal Values

Knowing who you are and what’s important to you, connects you to a happier and more energetic self.


You feel proud of yourself and on top of things when you demonstrate commitment to yourself.


Know the full impact of your words to both yourself and the others around you, less reactive and more responsive, more often.

Are you ready to be the CEO of your own life?


I recently saw an ICF Report that said 96% of those who had an Executive Coach said they would repeat the process again.


To respect the confidentiality of my clientele, these testimonials both wonderful and anonymous.

“Tim has been an incredible resource for me. I never had a business coach before so I was unsure of what to expect. However, it's been such a valuable experience. It has really given me so many tools to help with my mindset and the ability to put things in perspective during the journey of starting and building a business. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone out there who wants to continually perform at the highest level.”

Co-Founder & Board Member

“Tim is one of Australia's leading experts in executive coaching - I might be biased but I can firsthand give testament to this. Tim was a guiding light for me during a tremendous time of change and growth - coaching me in my role of National Head of Commercial Operations. Tim never let me take my eyes off my personal leadership goals/journey, which saw me promoted to the role of Commercial Director overseeing approx. 50% of our workforce. Resulting in today 4 happy, healthy, well-oiled and high performing departments. Working with Tim has been an absolute privilege. I have benefited greatly from his extensive expertise, unfailing generosity, and witty candor. If you have the chance to work with Tim, TAKE IT. You'll be a better leader and human for it!”

Commercial Director

“I found Tim’s wise counsel, positive energy and ability to both nurture and challenge a combination that really helped me. I’m a fairly sceptical, albeit optimistic, person and found his advice to be both human and practical. I ended up surprising myself with the progress he sparked and am still appreciating the effects months later. And I may well forever!”

Managing Director

“Working with Tim was one of the best decisions I made and I'm very thankful he chose to work with me too: his expertise in life coaching, enthusiasm and passion for self-improvement, structured and supportive approach and guidance through ambiguous circumstances helped me discover the awareness I needed to change areas of my life I didn't even know I needed to address. Working with him had an enormous influence in leading to one of my most successful years to date and helping me work on areas of improvement that have made my life more full. I couldn't recommend him highly enough - I only wish he was still in Australia so I could continue working with him!”

Client Partner

"I highly recommend working with Tim if you want to improve key aspects of your life including your career and key personal relationships. Tim will offer great and sometimes hard to hear advice and will hold you accountable to the changes needed to grow and improve. Always with a smile, Tim will make you aware of behaviours and patterns that aren't adding value to your world. Whilst stretching you and guiding you to the slightly uncomfortable zone, you will grow in ways you didn't know you needed and become a more centred, honest and authentic you."

Head of Marketing

"It has been an absolute privilege to work with Tim over the last few years. His passion and insight has been a driving force for positive change not only in my career, but in my character as well. Tim's ability to connect, empathize and impart learning has allowed me to re-frame my ambitions and strengthen the foundations of my career path."

Financial Markets

"Tim and Builds approach to coaching is second to none. With Tim it’s not just about making yourself more a productive, empowered and aware leader. It’s about the foundation of what makes you happy, and your purpose in life. I would highly recommend Tim and build for any individual or organization ready to take ownership of their future."

Business Development Manager

"I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Tim. Tim coached me for nearly three years and he not only helped me become a much stronger leader but also a much better person. He has a very special gift for building and developing people to become the best possible version of themselves. The impact he has had on me is immeasurable and will last a lifetime."

Marketing Consultant

"Tim and I worked together for several years on team development and partnered on several leadership programs. He is an amazing personal coach who has lead me through difficult times and helped strengthen my leadership tool box An amazing presenter to large groups captivating the hearts and minds of his audiences."

Education Manager


more creative and more innovative is what your staff feel in a happy workplace

(Harvard Business Review)

Having me as your coach, you will:

  • Build valuable skills and knowledge to use to advance your career
  • Feel supported and encouraged to tackle old patterns with renewed confidence
  • Experience the pride and satisfaction that comes with moving your world in the direction you want it to go
  • Create a more balanced and more realistic expectation of yourself
  • Learn to strengthen your mindset to handle the pressure of high performance

My latest online program is designed to help create balance and space for yourself in your life.

Positive internal culture is not just for companies & businesses, its vital for you to create and know yours too!


of my client base since I launched in 2012 has been through referral which I’m pleased to say and grateful to those that think of me.