Work with Me

Online Program

Life can be stressful, but we don’t need to add more stress to it. Learn how to lead from within and become the CEO of you. Learn how to create clarity and hold yourself accountable in the areas of your life that need management in only 7 weeks Enjoy feeling organized and on top of those areas of your world that need management. Use my systems and structures to sort that sh*t out, create space for yourself enjoy all of what it is to be you.

One On One Coaching

Person-to-person learning has been quoted in studies as having the highest transfer of knowledge, making it an incredibly effective method of development. Coaching promotes self-reliance, self-confidence, self-awareness and learning to apply to an individual’s present world immediately.

Group Coaching

Development and training are a major driver of employee satisfaction and driving high performance cultures within your business or organization. I create a space for all team members to contribute in a fun, interactive workshop style environment aimed to create professional development pathways. We need to make leadership in the workplace (and in our communities) a team sport. So I create group coaching workshops to discuss, highlight and learn the many elements that make up today’s leaderships skills and ability.