Group Coaching

Development and training are a major driver of employee satisfaction and driving high performance cultures within your business or organization.

I create a space for all team members to contribute in a fun, interactive workshop style environment aimed to create professional development pathways.

We need to make leadership in the workplace (and in our communities) a team sport. I create group coaching workshops to discuss, highlight and learn the many elements that make up today’s leaderships skills and ability.

A strong workforce has a sense of community spirit within it. I have seen that successful cultures are built upon strong, positive and trusting connections between management and staff and between all the staff members themselves. Creating spaces for your employees to strengthen new or existing relationships through a workshop or off-site is a quick and effective way to create a sense of community within your workplace.

Take this opportunity to ensure your next workshop or group gathering is not just another lacklustre talkfest from a facilitator. But actually, something that your participants benefit from. I pride myself on making sure all participants leave group sessions with tools and strategies to use in their day-to-day work roles and life responsibilities, a tighter bond with their work mates and a spring in their step.

Some of my favourite group sessions over the years have been on new manager development, leadership growth, planning & strategy sessions to name a few. However also happy to work with you and suggest additional topics I think people at all levels need to focus on, such as handling pressure, performing at your peak, leadership of self, career mapping, emotional intellegence, finding work and life balance and many more.

My philosophy of professional development powered by personal development is the foundation of these programs. I work with you to create an environment where staff can develop a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves, which is undamental to expanding confidence, developing new skills and creating a successful career path.

I am super thankful to the hundreds or thousands of participants who been in one of my group workshops, programs or conferences, some of which even kindly left some feedback learn more.

Get in touch here and we chat about doing something great and useful for your teams and people you care about.