Not all of us are lucky enough to work for a company that provides this high standard of training and development, so sometimes we need to fund and invest in our own personal development initiatives. Coaching is about change management. It’s about updating your belief system and finding new ways to attack old problems. It’s… Continue reading PersonalCoaching


We’ve all been in those conferences where the speaker just keeps going on and on, and we’re battling to stay engaged and sometimes even awake! Build has a range of speakers and ‘knowledge sharers’ for all events and occasions. We pride ourselves on sharing useful and relevant topics that audience members can interact and relate… Continue reading ConferenceSpeakers

Talent DevelopmentPrograms

Whether it’s millennial development, emerging leaders or top talent that you want to nurture, we are committed to creating a pathway of success for your key team members. Build’s philosophy of professional development powered by personal development is the foundation of these programs. We work with you to create an environment where staff can develop… Continue reading Talent DevelopmentPrograms