Not all of us are lucky enough to work for a company that provides this high standard of training and development, so sometimes we need to fund and invest in our own personal development initiatives. Coaching is about change management. It’s about updating your belief system and finding new ways to attack old problems. It’s… Continue reading PersonalCoaching


Self-awareness and behavioral flexibility are the building blocks to improved performance and productivity, better teamwork, and more effective communications. Moving away from the traditional approach of weakness or development area based tools, strength based profiling is a new and refreshingly different approach that places an individual’s strengths at the heart of performance excellence, as well… Continue reading StrengthsProfiling


We’ve all been in those conferences where the speaker just keeps going on and on, and we’re battling to stay engaged and sometimes even awake! Build has a range of speakers and ‘knowledge sharers’ for all events and occasions. We pride ourselves on sharing useful and relevant topics that audience members can interact and relate… Continue reading ConferenceSpeakers

Talent DevelopmentPrograms

Whether it’s millennial development, emerging leaders or top talent that you want to nurture, we are committed to creating a pathway of success for your key team members. Build’s philosophy of professional development powered by personal development is the foundation of these programs. We work with you to create an environment where staff can develop… Continue reading Talent DevelopmentPrograms

Team Workshopsand Off-Sites

A strong workforce has a community spirit within it. Culture is built on strong connections between management and staff and between staff members themselves. Giving your employees an opportunity to strengthen new or existing relationships through a workshop or off-site is a quick and effective way to create a sense of community within your workplace.… Continue reading Team Workshopsand Off-Sites

Life Coachingfor Your Staff

The corporate Life Coach Programme is one of our favourite programs and has proven incredibly popular and effective. We love a workplace that wants to give their team the ultimate staff benefit! An investment that has way more ROI than a ping-pong table, a piece of fruit or a ten minute massage ever will. “My… Continue reading Life Coachingfor Your Staff

Mindful WorkplacePrograms

This fun and interactive course in an introduction to mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and has been adapted from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, which began as an internal course within San Francisco’s Google HQ. This program will deepen your emotional intelligence by learning simple mental observations on how our minds and emotions function. Sessions… Continue reading Mindful WorkplacePrograms


Person-to-person learning has been quoted in studies as having the highest transfer of knowledge, making it an incredibly effective method of development. Coaching promotes self-reliance, self-confidence, self-awareness and learning to apply to an individual’s present world immediately. Coaching is about finding blind spots that can hold us back. Working with a coach can be about finding new… Continue reading ExecutiveCoaching


We know by now that leadership really does matter. How your organisation’s leadership team operates sets the tone, tempo and the example for the whole workplace. Build leadership programs help leaders understand their impact, control their energy and operate with more clarity, focus and awareness. Build’s leadership philosophy is based on a platform of professional… Continue reading LeadershipDevelopment