Self-awareness and behavioral flexibility are the building blocks to improved performance and productivity, better teamwork, and more effective communications. Moving away from the traditional approach of weakness or development area based tools, strength based profiling is a new and refreshingly different approach that places an individual’s strengths at the heart of performance excellence, as well… Continue reading StrengthsProfiling

Life Coachingfor Your Staff

The corporate Life Coach Programme is one of our favourite programs and has proven incredibly popular and effective. We love a workplace that wants to give their team the ultimate staff benefit! An investment that has way more ROI than a ping-pong table, a piece of fruit or a ten minute massage ever will. “My… Continue reading Life Coachingfor Your Staff

Mindful WorkplacePrograms

This fun and interactive course in an introduction to mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and has been adapted from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, which began as an internal course within San Francisco’s Google HQ. This program will deepen your emotional intelligence by learning simple mental observations on how our minds and emotions function. Sessions… Continue reading Mindful WorkplacePrograms